McDonalds is set to introduce a new plant-based burger for vegans, which will be trialled at selected Norfolk restaurants later this year.

The fast-food chain says the new McPlant burger offers the “same great taste and experience you would expect from a McDonald’s burger”.

From September 29, the new burger will be trialled in 10 restaurants in Coventry and from October 13, a further 250 plus sites will see it introduced — including 20 sites across Norfolk and Waveney.

McDonalds hope to roll out the McPlant nationwide in 2022.

The new burger features a plant-based patty co-developed with Beyond Meat as well as vegan sesame seed bun, mustard, ketchup, vegan sauce, fresh onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese.

It is cooked separately from other McDonald’s burgers and sandwiches using dedicated meat-free utensils.

Michelle Graham-Clare, chief marketing officer, said: “As with every McDonald’s offering, we take our time to ensure it meets the highest standards and is something that all our customers will enjoy.

“We’re confident you will enjoy the McPlant.”

To check where you can get a McPlant from October 13 visit here,