Enjoy smoked salmon bagels with stunning views at a riverside kiosk that has new owners at the counter.

The Riverside Kiosk in Thetford has been given a new lease of life since it was reopened by Julie Dean and Keely Beedham in June.

It was previously run by Wendy Raphael for 19 years before the business, in School Road, was forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic and Ms Raphael decided she would not return.

Despite having big boots to fill, Ms Dean, 64, and Ms Beedham, 33, thought they would be up for the challenge.

The pair, who are mother and daughter-in-law, have revamped the kiosk and the menu, and just two months in business has been going "incredibly well".

Ms Dean, who previously worked as a cleaner and a caterer in her spare time, said: "We are all foodies as a family and we were looking for something a bit different that we could do together.

"The Kiosk is lovely because it's right by the river. So, we decided to just go for it.

"And so far, it has been incredible. We didn't anticipate the number of people who would come down to visit us.

"A lot were Wendy's customers but they have loved what we have done to the place and our menu changes. They are happy to have it open again."

Visitors can enjoy a range of bagels, toasties, paninis and the popular sourdough crumpets.

Other favourite items include iced coffee floats, cakes and ice creams.

The pair also sell dog treats and offer water bowls for their four-legged visitors.

Ms Beedham, who worked at Thetford Greggs for 17 years, said: "It’s a lovely place to work because it's very community-driven.

"At weekends we are hugely popular because families come down to enjoy the river, where they can also go paddleboarding or have lessons with Watsup."

Ms Dean added: "We have lovely people coming to see us and the feedback has been really positive.

"They love the food and the atmosphere. Thank you to everyone who has come down to support us."