Festival gets go-ahead despite noise and drugs concerns

Paradise Gardens returning to King's Lynn village in 2022

Paradise Gardens will return in September 2022 after its licencing application was approved by council officials - Credit: Paradise Gardens

A festival in west Norfolk has been given approval by council officials despite objections due to noise and drugs concerns.

Paradise Gardens will take place over five days in September, bringing "big-name artists and DJs" to farm land in the village of Hockwold, near Brandon.

Organisers have said they will "go above and beyond" to ensure the festival has minimal impact to the local area.

Paradise Gardens returning to Hockwold in 2021

The Dub Pistols performing at Paradise Gardens in 2021 - Credit: Paradise Gardens

James Fox, a director of Paradise Gardens said: "We have listened to concerns and have taken on board all of the recommendations from the police, licencing committee and local people and will be doing everything possible we can to minimise disruption.

"We are very focused on making it look like we were never there and will be carrying out extensive clean-ups following the event and will have lots of bins on site to encourage people to dispose waste properly."

Paradise Gardens returning to Hockwold 2022

A number of DJs will be performing at the event at Hockwold, playing a wide range of music - Credit: Paradise Gardens

The event takes place between September 1 and 5 and promises to be a "marriage between a trade show and festival" with a lineup featuring some of the biggest names in the world of jungle, hip hop, drum & bass, dub and much more.

Mr Fox added: "Tickets are currently available at a discounted price which can be spread across several payments.

"We hope this will encourage people to stay for the full weekend to reduce the amount of traffic coming and going to the festival site.

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"Our primary focus is to promote the festival in Norfolk and the surrounding towns and cities to make it a local regional event with a community feel.

"There will be a big focus on up=and-coming local acts and we want to continue to support local businesses."

Organisers released 100 free tickets to locals this year as part of efforts to include people living in the area.

"We've had really high demand for the free tickets so far and they are now almost all gone and the support from locals on social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Lots of farmers are looking for ways to generate income amid the loss of subsides following Brexit so events like Paradise Gardens can really help offer an additional revenue."

Paradise Gardens returning to Hockwold in 2022

There will be a full-size skate park at the event for those wishing to test their skills on the ramps - Credit: Paradise Gardens

Police and villagers had previously voiced concerns about the festival, with police reporting claims of drug use at last year's event and one local complaining about the noise levels.