Youngsters battle for martial arts medals

Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu held its third East of England infant and junior championship at Thetford Dojo based at the Thetford Leisure Centre.

Well over 40 infants competed throughout the morning for bronze, silver and gold medals in five different weight divisions.

The referees were led by chief instructor Kevin Pell Hanshi and assistant national coach Trevor Steward Renshi.

Medals were presented by Thetford mayor John Harding and the lady mayoress.

The juniors had the chance to compete in two competitions with three fights per weight division. There were some truly amazing contests.

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Infant Medal Winners: 20kg: bronze Liam Munday, silver Archie Croxson, gold: Michael Heslop; 20kg: bronze Luke Morris, silver Jaydon Lott, gold Robbie Trainor; under 23kg bronze Hugo Williams, silver Alfie Hammett, gold Kieran Steward; under 27kg bronze Jordan Filippou, silver: Adam Lucas, gold George Ward; under 30kg bronze Lewis Marsh, silver Leon Galler, gold Ben Garrod.

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Juniors Medal Winners

Takedown Competition: Under 30kg bronze Euan Morgan, silver Sylvan Lavallee, gold: Zachary McCallum; under 35kg bronze Jake Vincent, silver Joseph Munday, gold Cailean McCallum; under 34kg bronze Liam Owen, silver Daniel Chapman, gold Cailean Mccallun; under 40kg bronze Daniel Chapman, silver Jack Owen, gold Charlie Croxson; under 43kg bronze Jace Gibson, silver Megan Hassey, gold Daniel Rzepecki; under 51kg bronze Bailie Parker, silver Oliver Rose, gold Sophie Shannon; over 60kg bronze Aiden Westley, silver Kyle Levin, gold Grady Patten; over 70kg bronze Tariq Pell, silver Ben Beeston, gold Will Ward.

Grappling Competition

Under 25kg bronze Ilona Lavallee, silver Jack Chapman, gold Kieran Evans; under 30kg bronze Sylvan Lavallee, silver Euan Morgan, gold Zachary McCallum; under 35kg silver Samuel Rose, gold Harry Wright; over 35kg bronze Matthew Bennett, silver Kyle Mitchell, gold Ellyn Ward; under 40kg bronze Eden Marsh, silver: Liam Owen, gold Charlie Croxson; under 45kg bronze Joanne Searle, silver Morgan McArthur, gold Megan Hassey; under 51kg bronze Bailie Parker, silver Oliver Rose, gold: Sophie Shannon; over 51kg bronze Aiden Westley, silver: Grady Patten, gold: Kyle Levin; over 70kg bronze Thomas Hassey, silver Ben Beeston, gold Will Ward.