Weekend to forget for Staniforth bowlers

The G W Staniforth A team had one of those weeks. Visiting Watton Loch Neaton, they lost 44-63 (0-5).

Scores: Terry Lamb, Eric Melton, Jim Downie, Alistair Stevenson 15-16; Spencer Stevenson, David Peaks, Mike Holbrook, John Wright 15-24; Mike Hassey, Trevor Bingham, David Betts, Peter Scott 14-23.

On the Wednesday they entertained Hingham A and, despite winning on two of the three rinks, went down 49-54 (2-3).

Scores: Mike Hassey, Trevor Bingham, Jim Downie, Peter Scott 21-18; Brian Mosby, Eric Melton, Alan Byford, Alistair Stevenson 15-13; Spencer Stevenson, David Peaks, Mike Holbrook, John Wright 13-23.

The B team had a better result with a 65-44 (4-1) win over Dereham St Nicholas.

Scores: Kyle Trotter, Mel Osborn, Ian Watchman, David Kay 11-21; Bill Boast, Martin Wheeler, Bill Smith, Wally Pattee 24-10; Terry Novell, George Farthing, Derek Leigh, Robert Beattie 30-13.

In the Fermoy Cup the A team lost by three shots to Wootton Park score cards not to hand.

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The B team overcame Downham Market B 37-36, all due to a splendid win by the away rink of Brian Mosby, David Peaks, Alan Bydord, Alistair Stevenson (23-14). The home team of Karel Mikulik, Spencer Stevenson, Eric Melton, Peter Scott lost 14-22.

In the County Triples, Brian Mosby, Eric Melton, Alan Byford lost at Connaught 14-15.

In the County Pairs Brian Mosby, Alan Byford again lost at Connaught; In the County Singles Robert Beattie won 21-14 at Worwell and Alan Byford won 21-8 at Connaught. They now play each other on the Aldiss Park green ( Dereham).

In the national mixed Pairs June Shepherd and Alan Byford lost to John and Kathy Rednall 10-20, who are both English international players.