Watton hockey tournament success

Watton Junior Hockey Club held their annual junior tournament at Watton Sports Centre.Clubs from around the county converged on Watton for the tournament for U11 and U13 boys and girls.

Watton Junior Hockey Club held their annual junior tournament at Watton Sports Centre.

Clubs from around the county converged on Watton for the tournament for U11 and U13 boys and girls.

It was a superb morning for Watton U11 Girls who won their tournament.

Having gained experience and confidence throughout the season but never any placings in earlier tournaments, they 'turned on the charm' last Sunday.

The hockey was played in a very positive manner, with great effort and lots of enthusiasm to secure four wins, one draw and one loss.

Defensive pairings were all solid, Poppy Williams played well in every game, capably supported by Megan Taylor and Lorna Brett-Greenacre.

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Pollyann Batty made some outstanding saves (not only for Watton but also playing for Dragons).

There was good passing through the midfield with Amy Church and Haidee Anscombe showing good control making frequent runs up the wings.

Having played with their usual amount of effort Chelsea Collinson, Tamika Bustin, Taylor Cassidy and Jasmine Vincent all claimed much sought after goals leading to the deserved first tournament win.

In their first match Watton played Dereham which was a very evenly matched game with neither teams in full flow, ending in a 0-0 draw.

Game two saw Watton beat Norwich City B with great work by Tamika Bustin on the right who passed across goal for Chelsea to score in a crowded D.

Next, a very evenly matched game ended with Watton going down 1-0 to Magpies.

The next game saw Watton gain a 1-0 win over Pelicans with an individual goal from Tamika, running into the D to shoot past the keeper.

The winning streak continued with another 1-0 win, over the Norwich Dragons team.

A great run down the right wing by Haidee Anscombe finished with a well timed pass across goal for unmarked Taylor to score.

In their final game Watton beat Norwich City A 1-0 with a well deserved goal from the hard working Jasmine Vincent.

Dereham were runners-up, Norwich City A third. Magpies were fourth, Pelicans fifth, Dragons sixth and Norwich City B seventh.

Watton U13 Girls played well and finished their tournament in third place.

They lost 1-0 to Dereham A, drew 0-0 with Pelicans and beat Norwich City B 1-0 with Cerys Adcock scoring.

Watton beat Magpies 1-0 with Chantelle Samuels scoring, lost 2-0 to Norwich City and won 1-0 against Norwich City B with Ellen Fulham scoring.

Dereham A were the tournament winners and Norwich City A runners-up.

Pelicans were fourth, Magpies fifth, Norwich City B sixth and Dereham B seventh.

Watton U11 Boys played well and also finished in third place. They got off to a good start with a 1-0 win over Dereham with Steven Gale scoring. Game two saw another 1-0 win for Watton over Norwich City with Steven Gale scoring again. They next drew 0-0 with Magpies then lost 2-0 to Pelicans. Watton finished their last game on a high note with Thomas Barber and Steven Gale both scoring for a 2-0 win over Dragons.

The squad was Thomas Barber, Thomas Hazell, Michael, Callum Haggarty, Sean McCarthy, Steven Gale, Owen Hughson, Sam Holland and Thomas Redfern.

Coach Sean Billington was very pleased with the performance of all the boys, their best result of the season.

At the end of the tournament the first three placings were very close with Pelicans winning on goal difference and Magpies runners-up, both with 11 points.

Watton were third on 10, Dereham fourth, Norwich City fifth and Dragons sixth.

Watton U13 Boys joined forces with the Dragons team from Norwich to make a squad.

Matthew Russell, Craig Ellis, Josh Holland, Henry Garner and Jake Hargreaves represented Watton.

In their first game they drew 0-0 against Magpies B, beat Norwich City 1-0, lost 2-0 to Magpies, lost 1-0 to Dereham and lost 1-0 to Pelicans.

It was a good joint team performance considering the boys have never played with their Dragons team-mates before. Dereham were the winners, Magpies A runners-up, Magpies B third, Pelicans fourth, Watton fifth and Norwich City sixth.

Home James Taxis from Watton were the sponsors of the boys' tournament.

Thanks to the hard work of the Junior Club Committee and the great co-operation from the senior hockey clubs, the tournament was hailed a great success. It was also a success in the sense that two former junior members, Kim Ashby and Sean Billington, are now coaching two of the teams.

In addition, former junior Liam Healy led and co-ordinated the umpiring and Amy Childerhouse and Roxy Sammuels helped umpire.