Swaffham golf duo beat Canary legend

A golfing pair from Swaffham proved real hotshots as they beat Norwich City legend Bryan Gunn and his wife Susan recently.

Charles Gough and Michele Jones overcame the challenge of the Gunns, who are experienced golfers, to win 3&1 in the Daily Telegraph’s Amateur Matchplay Championships.

Now they are gunning for victory in the next round – and they also want to play the local celebrities again for fun as they found it such a “wonderful” experience.

Charles said it was: “Our best victory ever. It was one hell of a scalp because he is a very good golfer. He plays quite a lot of pro-ams.

“We enjoyed it so much we’re going to ring them up to have another game with them.”

He was full of praise for their famous opponents. “They are nice people. They are a great advert for sport, not just golf or football.

“The thing I found most refreshing was he was as interested in me as I was in him – and he is a celebrity – which I found great. An A1 nice guy!

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“They did play well, it was one of the most wonderful games of golf I’ve had for ages,” he added.

The Swaffham Golf Club pair, who are partners off the golf course too, are now one step closer to the national rounds.

“If we get through it gets very exciting,” said Charles, who has been playing golf for 12 years while Michele has played for three.

He said he would be “delighted” if they got through the next round so they could play in the southern half of Britain final, played at St Pierre near Chepstow.

The grand final will be held in Dubai in May this year.

The couple have beaten pairs from Middleton Hall, King’s Lynn, Gedney Hill in Peterborough and Barnham Broom in the competition.