Pedal power on display

Last Wednesday saw the second five-mile event of Cycling Club Breckland’s club season.

Will Dorsett claimed the win again in a time of 11:18 ahead of the CCB youth cyclist Declan Davis (11:48) and Adam Cross (11:55).

Matt Carter and Danny Watkins battled it out for fourth and fifth with times of 12:19 and 12:28 respectively.

Sixteen-year-old Lewis Long completed his first ever time trial in an excellent time of 14:54 — breaking the 20mph milestone already.

This weekend saw an excellent event on the B254 with a large field from CCB. Andy Tyler led the way in 56:51, from Mark Fairhead; 58:21 and Chris Nudds; 58:33. Laura Gambling finished in 59:48, and Adam Cross, the only junior to ride, set a personal best of 1-00:34.

Elsewhere, Don Saunders and Declan Davis completed the Bolsover Audax in five hours 45 minutes, with only three riders in front of them.

Martin Badham completed a mammoth event in Alfreton, setting a personal best of 17 hours 24 minutes.