Fine win for Staniforth A

THE GW Staniforth A team had a fine win over Hunstanton A, winning 62-47 (4-1).

Scores: Brian Mosby, David Peaks, Alan Byford, Jim Downie won 21-10; Terry Lamb, Eric Melton, Alf Smith, Malcolm Struthers won 24-17; Spencer Stevenson, Mike Holbrook, Alistair Stevenson, David Betts lost 17-20.

The B team only gained only one point away at Aldiss Park losing by 42-67 (1-4).

Scores: Terry Novell, Colin Gibson, Derek Leigh, Robert Beattie lost 8-27; Dennis Branch, Dick Beattie, Walter Pattee, Ian Watchman lost 18-25; David Kay, Melvin Osborne, Len Robinson, John Wright won 16-15.

The C team at Mattishall went down on all rinks 46-63 (0-5).

Scores: Steve Brider, Barry Greenaway, Mike Burrows, Martin Wheeler lost 15-23; Simon Ferney, Gary McGinty, Graham Bradshaw, John Anderson lost 12-20; Ray Key, George Farthing, Nolan Newbury, John Kew lost 19-20.

In a friendly Staniforth lost 102-117.

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Scores: Margaret Robinson, John Anderson, Trevor Bingham, David Betts lost 15-23; Catherine Branch, Kath Farthing, David Peaks, Walter Pattee won 21-13; Joyce Doubleday, George Farthing, Mel Osborn, Brian Mosby won 16-13; Doreen Newbury, Glynis Holbrook, Len Robinson, John Wright lost 15-30; Alison Payne, Dennis Branch, David Kay, Jim Downie won 21-16; June Anderson, Nolan Newbury, Anne Melton, Mike Holbrook lost 14-21.