Billy's simply the best at grading

Billy Carlton, who trains at Watton's Saracen Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) Club, got “exceptional” marks at the latest grading session at UEA, Norwich.

Billy Carlton, who trains at Watton's Saracen Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) Club, got “exceptional” marks at the

latest grading session at UEA, Norwich.

“Billy has achieved the highest marks on all his club gradings,” said Ian Soame, Saracen's Chief Instructor.

“This is unprecedented. Over the last three years we have had some amazing students grade. But when Billy has graded it is he who has scored the highest marks. Quite exceptional, well done Billy !”

His next grading is his Black Belt next May.

Seventy-two students, family and friends from clubs as far apart as Brandon, Hingham, Mundford, Swaffham and Hockham, Watton and Norwich, as well as new clubs from Castle Acre, Attleborough, Great Witchingham and Newton Flotman all converged on the Sportspark.

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Anyone interested in joining Saracen should contact Ian Soame on 01953 882034, or go along to the Watton Youth Centre on a Wednesday or Friday evening at 7pm for a free first month of lessons.

The club is currently enrolling new members throughout the autumn.

Saracen's self-defence award: Emily Davison-Cripps, Jacqueline Inglis.

Red Belt: Sebastian Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Kelf, Eve Self.

Orange Belt: Marcus Sibanda, Craig Manning, Kerry Quadling, Edward Stock, Tegan Thorne, Byron Lambo-Hills, Millie Fisher, Zara O'Neill.

Yellow Belt: Chloe Cooper, Zofia Fitzpatrick, Harry Parker, Andrew Soanes, Liam Dargan, Kasey Campbell, Edward Almond, Henry Robinson, Bonnie Hillrup, Emily Linda Salter, Lewis Redwood, Lewis Warnes, Steven Buck, Ashley Bugg.

Green Tabs: Joshua Aldous, Alex Aldous, Olivia Robinson, Willow Leman, Dominic Cripps, Iain Glanville, Alexander Copeman, Joshua Cooper Winter, Darragh Leman, Alexander Cripps, Dylan Johnson, Joe Fisher, Samuel Merritt, Bradley Green, Anthony Cripps, Alan Tang.

Green Belt: Zuhair Mondol, Samuel Harvey, Macaulay Quadling, Joseph Wilford-Richmond, Kelsey Manning, Miklos De Kiss, Nathan Campbell, Gaby Newby.

Blue Tabs: Natalie Copeman, Gabe Thorneywork, Ebonie Lambo-Hills, Fred Bate, Emily Davison-Cripps, James Robinson, Jeremy Snell, Emily Hayes, Ethan Forster.

Blue Belt: Daniel Pratley, Lewis Wells, Georgia Dargan, Remy Carter, Carole Snell, Emily Latoy, Danica Soanes.

Brown Tabs : Barry Wells.

Brown Belt: Paul Dargan, Andrew Haynes.

Black Tabs: Oliver White, Billy Carlton.

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