Belting result for Asker

SWAFFHAM Kickboxing Club wishes Hassan Asker congratulations on achieving his black belt award.

Hassan underwent a three-part training session, starting with a regime of hard and fast Thai pad workouts amounting to 12 rounds with his trainer.

Second was to teach a student from the club all aspects of kickboxing including hand and feet techniques with block and counter moves performed in the correct manner, with the aid of using kick pads, Thai pads, and hook and jab mitts.

Finally, Hassan was tested over the knowledge of an instructor’s duties towards his students in teaching a full working class from novice to black belt grade and the responsibilities of a corner man’s duties when conducting a ringside fight.

Swaffham Kickboxing Club will be hosting a semi-contact sparring tournament on Sunday, February 20 at Swaffham Leisure Centre, 12 to 4pm.

All fights will be on matted areas with three two-minute rounds with a 60-second corner.

Any spectators wishing to come and support this afternoon of kickboxing will be charged an entrance fee of just �1 and the proceeds of this will go to the East Anglian Air Ambulance Fund, which Swaffham Leisure Centre supports.

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For further information contact 01760 724046.