Belting good news for Ishin Ryu ju-jitsu students

ISHIN Ryu Ju-Jitsu infants and junior students from the Thetford dojo, ended the year with a fantastic 100 percent pass rate. They celebrated all their hard work by throwing their old belts as high as they could up in the air at the end of their presentation evening. They all worked extremely hard throughout their gradings. This included many aspects of ju-jitsu, self defence, lots of fitness and sense of humour tests. There was a big cheer by all their parents who were very proud of their son/daughter in gaining their next belt.

Ishin Ryu has had an amazing year, and has been invited by a top school in Stowmarket to teach Ju-jitsu as part of their students PE curriculum. Growing from strength to strength we now run clubs in the following towns Brandon, Caston, Dereham, Finborough, Riddlesworth, Thetford and Watton.

Unlike many modern day martial arts Ishin Ryu has a lot more to offer then punching, kicking and so on. We believe in building a student’s confidence, teaching them the correct ways of self defence. Ishin Ryu Ju–Jitsu is a traditional martial art and unlike many martial arts it still holds and believes in its martial military background. Many martial arts have gone down the line of turning it into a sport and done away with all of the traditions. We are proud to say that we carry on the ways of the samurai and how true martial arts should be taught with respect discipline, plenty of hard work and having lots of fun.

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