Bad week all round for The Brecks

It was not a good weekend for The Brecks with the Ladies going down by just three shots 47-50 (1-7).

Scores: Thelma Scott, Jan Barnes, Madge Marsden 12-13; Kath Farthing, Margaret Robinson, Rosie Smith 16-10; Rose Francis, Doreen Newbury, Pam Lacey 8-14; Marina Hollowood, Ann Melton, Barbara Billingham 11-13.

The men travelled to North Walsham in the County League but only managed one point after a 50-93 (1-5) defeat.

Scores: Mick Rutter, Martin Wheeler, Denis Andrews, Peter Scott, 18-16; Arthur Lacey, Cliff Goddard, George Farthing, Len Robinson 14-21; Bill Boast, David Catchpole, Graham Bradshaw, Alistair Stevenson 15-27; Bill Brewer, Les Friend, George Hollowood, David Kay 13-33.

In a friendly at Gallow (Fakenham) it was another defeat, this time by 59-111.

Scores: Cindy Murray, Heather Gill, Bill Brewer, Peter Scott 7-46; Jan Barnes, Pauline Nicholls, George Farthing, Madge Marsden 15-26; Pauline Wright, Thelma Scott, Derek Murray, Alan Byford 18-23; Marlene Kay, Steve Gill, Kath Farthing, Graham Bradshaw 19-16;.

The previous week the Brecks shared the honours 73-73 (3�-3�) with Pinewood Park in the Top Ten Competition.

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Scores: Singles – Geoff Mealing won 21-11; Pairs – Mick Rutter & Len Robinson won 21-18: Triples – George Farthing, George Hollowood & Peter Scott lost 11-14; Fours – David Catchpole, Les Friend, Ian Watchman & David Kay lost 17-30.