Zero tolerance on anti-social drinkers in Thetford

People visiting Thetford over the Bank Holiday are being reminded of the town’s zero tolerance to drink-related crime and disorder.

Licensees in the town work closely with police and licensing authorities under the Pubwatch scheme to keep people safe.

Thetford Pubwatch operates a policy of “banned from one, banned from all” with persistent trouble makers running the risk of being banned from all licensed premises in the town.

There are currently nine people banned from entering member venues, with bans ranging from three months to life.

PC Keith Kenny said: “Thetford Pubwatch has been in operation for three years and has over 20 member venues. People intent on causing trouble in Thetford’s licensed premises may well find themselves banned from every pub or club in the town.

“We would like residents in Thetford to enjoy the warmer weather and the up coming bank holidays but at the same time to respect others within the community. People who are caught drinking alcohol in the street whilst acting in an anti-social manner, can be fined up to �500 and arrested, if they fail to hand over their alcohol when requested to do so by an officer.”

Thetford Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) will be carrying out extra patrols in the town centre to prevent any incidents of alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

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Officers are reminding residents about the designated non-drinking zones in the town centre and outside the shops on the Redcastle Estate, Abbey Estate and Pine Close.

Call Thetford SNT on 0845 456 4567 or email for more information.

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