Youth support starts at home in west Norfolk

Voluntary organisations in a rural area of west Norfolk have set up their own networking group in a bid to entice more youngsters and share resources.

Methwold Area Youth Access (MAYA) has been established to support and promote youth groups in the surrounding area. Organisers hope to tackle problems such as recruiting young people, a lack of transport and the need to appeal to those not in education, employment or training (NEETS).

Sharron Freemantle runs Northwold Youth Club and said the key was to promote youth activities in the area and share experiences with as many youth groups as possible.

“Voluntary groups need help and encouragement in these difficult times; it’s not just the youngsters who need the help,” she said. “They are looking for easy to access, straightforward information, or shared experiences with other like-minded groups. Members in the MAYA Group are starting to do just that.

“We realised there are going to be two audiences - the parents and children, and the groups who want to promote themselves and share ideas. To be honest the youth workers don’t exist here any more so it’s all volunteers and the more people we can get on board and aware of what we’re doing the better.”

The group hopes to support those within the Methwold High School cluster. It will also visit primary schools and encouraged anyone working with young people to get in touch.

A list or directory of youth organisations in the area will also be drawn up for young people, parents, schools and other agencies.

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