‘True hero’ – driver thanks mystery good Samaritan who came to rescue after snow crash on B1107 near Brandon

Chekira Malkinson's car crashed after it hit some ice on the B1107 at Santon Downham. She has praise

Chekira Malkinson's car crashed after it hit some ice on the B1107 at Santon Downham. She has praised a man who stopped to help her. Picture: Chekira Malkinson - Credit: Archant

A woman who crashed her car when it lost control on some ice on the B1107 near Santon Downham has thanked a good Samaritan for stopping and offering help.

Chekira Malkinson was driving from Brandon to Thetford at 9.20am yesterday when the accident happened.

Just after passing Santon Downham her car hit a patch of ice and she lost control.

She swerved over both lanes of the road, fighting to gain control, and managed to avoid hitting a tree.

A man, called Michael, who was travelling behind and saw what happened, stopped to offer the 20-year-old a helping hand.

“I am very grateful for what the man did for me,” said Miss Malkinson who was travelling from her house in Brandon to her mother’s house in Thetford.

“From pulling over, offering an arm and making me feel safe; to lending me his mobile so I could call my mum and then getting me back to her house safe and calmly.

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“He was amazing.”

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Her mother Maxine Malkinson-Hill said the man was her family’s “superhero of the day”.

She said: “Michael, you are our true hero. You did what every mother hopes would happen if the unthinkable happened.

“Knowing you were behind Chekira on that awful day was a blessing in disguise.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

She added: “Thank you just doesn’t seem enough or do justice for what this man did, and although it doesn’t seem like a lot to many, it means the world to me and my daughter.”

Although shaken, Miss Malkinson sustained no injuries.

Her car has been recovered.

She added: “I would love to be able to thank him properly. He did not have to stop but he did.

“Not enough people get recognised for the good things they do.”

Norfolk and Suffolk police have asked drivers to be careful of snow drifts and ice which have made roads treacherous.

Drivers are being asked to not go out onto the roads unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you are the Michael who stopped to help, you can get in touch with Miss Malkinson by emailing reporter Rebecca Murphy at rebecca.murphy@archant.co.uk