Wind turbine application for Snetterton horse charity

A horse sanctuary hopes to reduce its carbon emissions and energy bills by erecting a wind turbine.

World Horse Welfare at Snetterton has submitted a planning application for a 20m-high turbine which it hopes will generate 37MWh of electricity per year, enough to power 10 homes.

This would cover 43pc of the total energy consumption by the charity at Snetterton. Electricity not used during windy periods would be automatically fed back into the national grid, providing electricity for others to use.

The proposed location of the turbine, which would have three blades and a swept diameter of 13.1 metres, would be at the top of a gentle rise to the front of the charity’s headquarters, 230 metres from the nearest private property. It is believed it would not be seen from ground level by surrounding homes because of the undulating land and high hedges and tress.

An application submitted to Breckland Council’s planning officials, said: “The applicant is committed to reducing their fuel costs as well as their environmental and carbon footprints. The World Horse Welfare centre would also like to use this turbine as an educational tool for the many visitors who come to the site each year.

“The turbine will serve as a working demonstration of a small-scale renewable technology which is open to the public and could serve an important educational function. This application is essential in achieving this ambition.”