Weeting Steam Rally marriage blessing

A steam rally may simply be an enjoyable family day out for many, but for one couple an event this year will hold a special significance.

Angela Wren and Paul “footy” Coupland plan to hold their marriage blessing at the Weeting Steam Rally and Country Show, in July, surrounded by their families and friends - and hundreds of spectators.

The couple, from Lincolnshire, will marry just days earlier at Thetford Registry Office, but said the show had become special to them in the three years they had known one another,

Miss Wren, 32, originally from Tavistock in Devon, moved to be with Mr Coupland, 30, a year ago, but until then the pair, who met on Facebook, had maintained a long-distance relationship, attending the steam rally each year.

“It was a kind of a spur of the moment idea really,” she said. “It was the first steam rally we went to together and Paul had been going since he was about five.

“It was also how we kind of got talking because my next door neighbour when I was growing up had a Showmans engine. We used to go and watch it being taken apart and put back together, because it was being completely rebuilt, and then they moved.

“When I met Paul we sent to an engine show and it was like going back in time. I like the smell and the atmosphere and I like being part of it all.”

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Miss Wren will wear her burgundy wedding dress at the blessing, which will take place following the grand parade of steam engines, at 4pm on July 21.

This will follow the wedding proper which will be held in Thetford on July 17.

Miss Wren added: “It’s a really pretty town and I really like it. The other thing is we both really like Dad’s Army and with that and the fact it’s the home of the Burrells, I though it would be really nice.”