Lorry firm expansion given green light despite residents’ ‘grave concerns’

Breckland Council. Picture: Ian Burt

Breckland Council. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

A lorry firm’s expansion has been given the green light - despite “grave concerns” from the community about the extra noise it will create.

Valley Traction Services, which has operated in Norfolk for 25 years, will be able to build a new warehouse, HGV workshop and industrial buildings at its site in Harling Road, Roudham after Breckland Council approved its planning application.

The firm, based near Wymondham, has owned the Roudham site since 2005 and used it for external storage.

But a letter from Roudham and Larling Parish Council ahead of the planning committee meeting this week said: “My council has grave concerns about the problems of ensuring compliance with the hours of operations stated in the application.

“This is a particular concern because of the proposed HGV workshop, given that HGVs are usually on the road during the proposed hours of operation.

“Therefore the temptation to work on them throughout the night or at other prohibited hours is great.”

However the letter also said: “Despite these serious concerns, the council has no objection on the understanding the Breckland will ensure that they are adequately resolved.”

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Valley Traction Services argued the move would create a “modest number of employment opportunities” and has been designed with its quiet rural surroundings in mind.

The expansion will also see 19 new car parking spaces and eight new cycle spaces created, as well as two disabled parking spaces.

A report prepared by Breckland Council ahead of the planning committee meeting said: “The applicant has sought to not only improve the operation of the overall business, but also considered the rural context.

“The proposal would generate a modest number of employment opportunities for the surrounding locality. Consequently, the proposal is considered as contributing to protecting the surrounding natural and built environment and whilst supporting a strong vibrant economy.”