Level crossing failure leaves Brandon residents 'terrified'

Brandon level crossing

Brandon residents have been left terrified after confusion caused by a lights failure at a level crossing. - Credit: Google Maps

Brandon residents have been left "terrified" after confusion caused by a lights failure at a level crossing.

This morning, Pauline Lenoir who lives in Brandon said she found the barriers up while the red lights were still flashing. 

She used the railway crossing phone to call for help but said she was told it was safe for her to drive through.

Pauline added: "I have a fear of crossings at the best of times, so to drive through when red flashing lights are showing was terrifying."

However, a spokesman for Network Rail has assured residents that if the level crossings fail they are designed to do so in a safe manner.

For example, if the barriers fail they will default to the closed downwards position or if the lights fail they will consistently show red.

Brandon Town Council chairman Samuel Skinner said: "Failures at Brandon's level crossing are now a regular occurrence and it's a big safety concern.

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"Today's incident is dangerous and this issue will continue to be raised at town council meetings."

The Network Rail spokesman said the problem has now been fixed.