Thetford councillor calls for meeting details

Clarification of the way Thetford Town Council is notified of the content of Moving Thetford Forward meetings will be sought.

The issue was raised by Corinne Fulford, Independent councillor for the Castle ward, following a report on the latest meeting by Moving Thetford Forward (MTF) member Robert Kybird at a recent town council meeting.

Miss Fulford said: “I’ve not been a councillor for long but as a member of the public it’s taken me months to find these minutes which are hidden on Beckland Council’s website. I say hidden because they are not easy to find.”

While Mr Kybird, Conservative councillor for the Guildhall ward, said the minutes were a matter of the public record, it was decided for town clerk Ed Chambers to seek clarification on how the council could be better informed following MTF meetings.

It was also decided Mr Kybird would continue with his representation on the MTF board following a motion that Terry Jermy, Independent councillor for the Saxon Ward, take his place.

While the vote was seven to seven, town mayor Derek Mortimer cast the deciding vote in favour of Mr Kybird.