Thetford council looks at getting town plan advice

Thetford Town Council has agreed to assess the cost involved in taking professional advice on how to proceed with its own town plan, particularly with regard to its boundaries.

The move followed a proposal by Saxon ward councillor Terry Jermy who highlighted concerns at the town’s current direction.

Mr Jermy outlined worries at the town’s current boundary following a decision to build 5,000 homes to the north of the town, and highlighted what he saw as a lack investment in the south of the town.

Mr Jermy added: “We’ve seen little progress with regards to moving the current town boundary, and unless it happens before development commences, it will be likely never to occur, hindering this council’s ability to deliver services that will surely be expected, and adding to the injustice that already exists with areas such as Hill House Lane and Arlington Way not paying towards the town’s precept.”

He went on: “I think we’ve reached a point where we need to get some professional guidance on board and to start properly looking out for the people of Thetford.”

The proposal was carried by seven votes to four, with three abstentions.