Thetford anger at parking proposal

Proposals to charge for parking in Breckland have been branded as “scandalous” and “disgusting” by Thetford town councillors.

Speaking at a town council meeting last week, Saxon ward member Sylvia Armes raised the issue which related to a decision by Breckland Council to spend �25,000 on a feasibility study into car parking charges in Breckland.

She said: “It’s scandalous and has ongoing costs for the town. I think it’s a backward step and should be withdrawn – perhaps if the economy improves, they will look at it again.

“I would also like to propose we invite the chief executive of Breckland to this council chamber to talk about this car parking episode and for us to get it from him first hand rather than relay what we’ve heard.”

Fellow Saxon ward member Terry Jermy suggested writing to Breckland “in the strongest possible terms” to outline the council’s objection to the charges, while Thetford mayor Derek Mortimer added: “To spend �25,000 of taxpayers’ money when all the councils are actively against it is a disgrace.”