Theft of large mushrooms causes upset in Thetford

A man who creates sculptures in his spare time and displays them for charity has had two large, distinctive mushrooms stolen.

Leigh Shelton, of Fir Road, Thetford, created the red and white concrete faux-fungi 18 months ago and placed them in his front garden for the neighbourhood to enjoy.

However, after a few minutes planting some new flowers earlier this month, Mr Shelton realised there was something missing and his mushrooms had been stolen.

This has left him with a gap among the sculptures in his garden, and could leave many disappointed who are used to viewing them as part of Thetford’s Open Gardens event each year in aid of St Nicholas Hospice.

Mr Shelton, 50, who is unable to work because of a disability, now simply wants the mushrooms returned, no questions asked.

“If we go public, someone might notice them and if they end up on my doorstep I’m prepared not to take any more action,” he said. “I would ask no questions. I’m hoping someone will see them and bring them back.”

The mushrooms are about 30 inches tall by 30 inches wide and are red with white gravel “spots”. The theft happened between 3pm on September 9 and midday on September 11.

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Mr Shelton said a lot of time had gone into making the mushrooms and the theft had left him disappointed.

“I put poles into the ground and then do a dome of sand and then cement and then red cement and then put gravel in it and then put it on the pole and cemented it in,” he said.

“Someone must have wriggled it out but I think it would have taken two people. They’ve been there about a year or so and a lot of people like the look of them.

“I was gutted because of the pettiness of it. They’re originals and one-offs and it’s a petty idea to steal them.”

A Norfolk police spokesman asked anyone with information to contact PCSO Natasha Donnelly at Thetford Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0845 456 4567.