The 12 dogs of Christmas

WELCOME to this festive edition of Find Me A Family - the 12 dogs of Christmas.All these pooches are asking Santa for a new home and loving owners for Christmas.

WELCOME to this festive edition of Find Me A Family - the 12 dogs of Christmas.

All these pooches are asking Santa for a new home and loving owners for Christmas. Could you make their Christmas wish come true?

RAYMOND is a four-year-old greyhound.

He is a handsome boy and he likes all the usual greyhound things but he does everything to excess.

He is tall and large and strong on the lead.

He is friendly but can be overly enthusiastic. Raymond has a sweet nature but needs lots of walks.

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Raymond could live with another female dog of similar size, but cats and small furries should be avoided.

ELLIE is four-and-a-half years old. A crossbreed, she is a pretty girl who enjoys plenty of exercise and being kept mentally active. She is looking for an experienced, adult home with adopters who are able to provide her with lots of exercise and stimulation.

Her adopters will need to have an understanding of GSD/Collie traits and be able to set clear rules.

An adult home only, no other cats or dogs.

BOBBY is a three-and-a-half-year-old Collie type crossbreed.

He is a sweet natured boy and is very bright and responsive once settled and relaxed.

He is sound sensitive so he must live in a quiet environment.

Bobby Bobster needs experienced adult owners who will not mollycoddle him and who understand what dogs with Collie type traits are like.

BRIAN is two-and-a-half-year-old, and a Beagle cross.

Brian is a very lively boy who is looking for stability and ground rules and owners who understand that much of his boisterous behaviour is due to stress. Given time, and by following advice from Dogs Trust, Brian should settle and mature.

PECAN and PISTACHIO are three-year-old Staffordshire bull terriers.

Male and female respectively, they are lifelong friends and are looking for a home together.

Pecan likes human company and he loves his friend Pistachio and helps her gain confidence. Pistachio lacks confidence in new surroundings and with new people - she is a sweet girl who needs routine and stability.

DEWI is three years old. He is a Lurcher who likes to go for long walks.

He can be excitable and will therefore need calm, sensible handling to learn some manners and basic training.

Dewi would really like to live in an active home with lots to keep him occupied, and he is going to need time to settle in and adjust.

BLAZE is one-and-a-half years old.

He is a friendly, outgoing, confident Lurcher who needs an experienced home with people who are of aware of his breed traits.

Blaze is not suitable to live with other dogs and a home with cats or other small animals would also be unsuitable.

MONA is a three-and-a-half-year-old Boxer.

She loves to take long walks and is very keen on learning new and exciting things.

Mona is a typical Boxer so she must find an experienced adult home with people who know the breed. She is strong on the lead and will need basic training to learn basic good manners.

Mona is not suitable to live with other dogs or cats.

KATY is eight years old.

She is a sensitive young Lurcher who is finding the recent changes in her life a bit stressful. She is looking for a quiet home with adopters who can give her space to settle and who also understand her breed type.

Katy can clear a 6ft fence and would not be suitable to be left alone in the garden. She mixes well with other dogs but would prefer to be the only dog in the home. Katy is not suitable to live with cats or other small animals.

SCOT, a crossbreed of 18 months, likes going for long walks, reward-based training games of fetch.

He becomes nervous and worried in new situations but given time, patience and food, he soon starts to bond.

He would enjoy an active adult home with experienced owners who can offer him calm and quiet handling.

PADDY is nine months old.

A strong and excitable German Shepherd puppy, he enjoys playing with friends and meeting new people but can look intimidating to strangers, so needs to learn good manners.

Paddy is looking for a home with experienced owners.

HOLLY is rough Collie aged two-and-a-half.

She is bright and trainable and, once she has built a bond with you, she will show a really affectionate side to her nature.

Holly needs to find an experienced home with owners who will continue with her reward-based training and provide her with ground rules.

Hollie needs a larger home environment so she has space to adjust and settle.

She can live with other dogs, but no cats.

If you would like to offer one of these dogs a home, call Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 498377 or visit