Signalling the end of an era in Brandon

It will be the end of an era in Brandon when the town’s railway signal box is replaced next summer with a modernised version.

The box, built in 1931, will no longer be in use and the crossing will instead be controlled from a Cambridge power signal box. It is part of a �20m upgrade by Network Rail between Ely and Norwich which will see nine signal boxes and a level crossing control box decomissioned.

In Brandon a manually controlled barrier will be put in place which will detect the crossing is clear before lowering the barriers.

A Network Rail spokesman said they were “equally” as safe as those they were replacing and added: “As the number of passenger and freight trains continues to rise, it’s right that we invest in the latest technology to provide passengers with a safe, reliable, efficient railway that is fit for the future.”

Chairman of the Friends of Brandon Station, Stephen Dean, said the group had applied for the signal box to be listed.

He added: “It’s picturesque and there are red and white signals which go up and down and so it’s nice to see but obviously an old system like that falls to the inevitable march of time. I think it’s a loss for the town. It’s a nice-looking building it’s been there for so long and you’re losing that human contact.