Ryan Windsor Column: What businesses can learn from Donald Trump

Times columnist Ryan Windsor. Picture: Sonya Duncan

Times columnist Ryan Windsor. Picture: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Whether you love or hate him, whether you agree with his political beliefs or not, from a marketing perspective we can learn something from Donald Trump.

I would not advise to adopt his behaviours or blindly believe everything he says, but there are few positive lessons to be learned.

Just to be clear, I do not agree with the majority of what Trump stands for, nor do I back his political beliefs. However, I did notice some interesting things about his style of business, and his very controversial campaign.

While analysing this campaign, it was clear from the start that two main factors have helped him win the presidential race; mindset and marketing.

From the beginning of his candidacy, Donald Trump charged in with an extremely positive mindset, throwing caution to the wind and making huge promises.

There was an intensity to his attitude that seemingly indicated he was right, and likely to win. This further rallied his supporters and increased confidence in both his ability and plan.

Business is tough, and cannot be done alone, one needs supporters to become successful.

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Showing a positive attitude and mindset, that is determined and resilient even when there are bumps in the road, is exactly what can set you apart and drive you forward.

In addition, Trump has proven to have a deep understanding of his target group, like a marketing genius.

He and his team knew the issues his followers were facing and cut straight to the core - they targeted a public that had less money, felt forgotten and wanted stable secure jobs.

So that is exactly what he promised them and they backed him.

Businesses need to understand who their customers are if they want their marketing to work. They should understand who they are, what their needs are, and what benefits they expect from you and your business.

The momentum created was played out beautifully by Trump’s campaign team. They made supporters feel they were part of a life changing movement, for them and the country.

Being able to pull in people as he did, is a key skill for any influential leader. It has driven the success of numerous businesses and, without doubt, played an important role in Trump’s election.

Having a positive attitude and understanding you customers are important lessons by Donald Trump.

However once you understand your customers and promise them goods or services that can improve their situation, it is also important to deliver.

And this might be where the analogy stops, or is it? The continuation, or discontinuation, of the Trump’s presidency will largely depend on how well he can meet his promises, and that remains to be seen…

Times columnist and entrepreneur Ryan Windsor is the director of Windsor Properties. Email ryanwindsor89@gmail.com with your questions.