'It's just laziness' - River full of litter after weekend of warm weather

Thetford River Group collect large amount o rubbish from River Thet

A large amount of litter was collected by Thetford River Group from the River Thet on Sunday, which is mostly thought to have been dumped over the past week during a period of warm weather - Credit: Thetford River Group

A river in Thetford was left full of litter following a weekend of warm weather - and a local environment group says the problem will only get worse.

Members of the Thetford River Group collected the large amount of waste on Sunday, March 20, from a short section of the River Thet.

Sean Ready, founder of Thetford River Group, said: "As soon we get warm weather the amount of litter increases and by the end of the month it will likely double.

"People need to use the provided bins and there are enough of them in town.

"It's just laziness really."

The majority of the rubbish was from cans and bottles of alcohol that had been dumped.

Mr Ready, who has been running the group since 2014, added: "This is just from a very short section of the river, between the Coffee Mill to First Staunch and around Button Island.

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"My colleague only went out eight days ago, it builds up very quickly in this sort of weather.

"It will gradually increase as people start getting out more. The good weather brings out the street drinkers and there is more anti-social behaviour."

Clare Higson, Sean Ready and Clare Miller-Jones from the Thetford River Group after a litter pick.

Sean Ready alongside two volunteers after a river litter collection in April last year - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

During the last clean-up over a week ago, a member of the group also found a tuba belonging to Thetford's Salvation Army branch, which is thought to have been among the instruments stolen in September.

"Luckily it was in good condition," according to Mr Ready. 

The group are planning an organised litter pick on Wednesday, March 30, which has been arranged with Breckland Council and the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

Mr Ready said: "The litter pick will be river based and people can also work along the land between Abbey Heath and Coffee Mill.

"We are also working with the Rivers Trust plastic prevention scheme, documenting the type of litter found which is then added to a European database to help understand the sheer quantity of litter that ends up in our rivers and the sea."

Thetford River Group was founded by Mr Ready in 2014 and has grown to become a group of volunteers who conduct river crime monitoring and check the water quality of the town's rivers.