Pilot project to focus on alcohol impact in Thetford

A project aimed at raising awareness of the health impacts of alcohol has been launched.

The Thetford Community Alcohol Action Group, part of Thetford Healthy Town, has launched the pilot scheme which will involved police, specialist alcohol workers and translators and advisers from Keystone Development Trust.

The team will speak to people drinking in the streets to find out why they do so, increase awareness of the potential impact on others and provide health information.

Chief executive of Keystone, Neil Stott, said: “This is an important project and a fantastic demonstration of local agencies working quickly and effectively to tackle an issue which concerns local people.

“We aim to build a relationship with people drinking in the streets, understand their situation and provide appropriate support services if required. We will also ensure they understand that sometimes having a good time in public does impact on others.”

PC Keith Kenny added that he was “delighted” the force could support the project.

Employers will be invited to join with part of the project which aims to increasing alcohol awareness in the workplace. Free sessions will be delivered by NORCAS in association with NHS Norfolk Health Trainers.