Picture gallery: Science captivates pupils at Glade Primary School, Brandon

A group of pupils were wowed by science during a day of activities designed to inspire.

Students at Glade Primary School in Brandon took part in experiments which included making their own volcanoes with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, taste tests and the magic of colour.

Deputy head and curriculum leader, Emma Nicholson, said: “The children were all really engaged in the activities and amazed at simple experiments. “The whole point of the day was to show what science is and that we’re doing it all the time but we don’t realise it.

“At the start of the day we had an assembly and I asked them what a scientist was and they said a man, who wore a white coat, and worked in a laboratory and got things to explode.

“By the end of the day they said a scientist could be anybody and saw that it could be done anywhere – they were captivated.”

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