Photo gallery: Snetterton charity race day attracts cars and crowds

Thrill seeking passengers taking to the track at Snetterton for Shawn Taylor Racing's Charity Race D

Thrill seeking passengers taking to the track at Snetterton for Shawn Taylor Racing's Charity Race Day in aid of local charities. Photo: Steve Adams

Racing enthusiasts were able to take advantage of a dream day out today (Sunday) as the grid was set for an adrenaline-based charity event.

The STR Charity Sporting Event at Snetterton, organised by Shawn Taylor Racing, saw scores of people lining up for a chance to accompany a seasoned driver around the track.

Some 120 top-level drivers and more than 100 cars took part in the event, which attracted families and 'petrol-heads' alike.

Shawn Taylor said the day had been put together in just three months, and added: 'It's a way of introducing people to the circuit and it's quite nice to have somebody sat next to you to show around and to have a bit of fun.

'We've had more than 500 cars and shows and demonstrations and it's basically a big car show but the nice thing is that people can enjoy themselves and they know the money is going to charity. It's about giving something back - I've done well for myself and worked hard and experienced a lot of good things and you come across people who are less fortunate and it's vital that people give back.'

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Cars available included everything from luxury brands such as Porsche and Ferrari to specialist racing models like Caterhams, Ultima Spyders and the Shelby Daytona Cobra. There was also competition from household names such as Ford and Citroen.

These were then categorised into classes, with prices ranging from £15 to £70 for three laps. Entry to the event was £10 per car, and all money raised will go to support The British Heart Foundation, the Big C, East Anglian Air Ambulance and East Anglia's Children's Hospices.

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There were also activities available for children as young as five with the East Coast Truckers offering laps of the circuit, as well as stalls, refreshments, exhibitions and car club displays.

Jeff Wiltshire, 53, an IT consultant from Kent, brought along his Sylva Pheonix kit car for people to experience, and said drivers usually came off the track 'wide-eyed'.

'It's good to take people out because there's no point going out on your own,' he added.

Stuart Delph, 36, from Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire, who builds racing car engines for a living, said he had taken one person around the track in his Fiesta rally car this morning.

'It's just a good cause,' he said. 'It's different in rallying because you're used to people talking to you but they're usually silent when you're going round, and the car is quite noisy anyway.

'I think it's important to put back into charity.'

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