Housing plans for old library could be reduced after objections

The former Brandon Library and community centre site, pictured in 2010. Photo: Sonya Duncan

The former Brandon Library and community centre site, pictured in 2010. Photo: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2010

Objections to a planned development on the site of a former library could see changes made to proposals.

The development, which could see 20 flats and seven houses built on the site of the former library in Brandon, has received objections from the tree officer and Suffolk Highways.

However the size of the development could be reduced according to an email from a planning officer on the Forest Heath planning site.

Colin Bird, from Suffolk Highways, said the access to the site for both cars and for pedestrians is not good enough.

In his response he wrote: “The access for serving this site has restricted width, poor visibility and does not meet the requirements of the Suffolk Design Guide.

“The parking layout is not designed to provide a logical association between the dwellings and parking bays.

“Although we realise this is due to the presence of trees the layout proposed would not be efficiently used and is likely to result in misuse of the allocated bays.”

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Mr Bird also highlighted the lack of safe pedestrian access to the site and requested a contribution of £13,000 towards the improvement of bus stops.

Objections were also received from the tree officer, who described the removal of trees as excessive and said the location of the new building would impact on the health of existing trees.

Falcon Saunders said: “The tree removal on the eastern and north eastern aspect of Block A is considered to be excessive and is likely to significantly impact amenity and the remaining safe useful life expectancy of the group as a whole.”

In an email Forest Heath’s principal planning officer said the development is likely to be reduced in size following a request for £42,330 from the developer, to go towards the Warren Close play area.

She wrote: “It is likely that there will be a reduction in the number of dwellings and parking spaces.”

Brandon Town Council did not object to the plans and asked for designated visitor parking spaces to be provided as part of the proposals.

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