Northwold school pupils put on performance

Students with social, emotional, learning and behavioural difficulties put on an end of term performance as part of an open day.

Pupils from the Sheridan School, in Northwold, a specialist residential school for boys and girls aged 10 to 16, wrote and produced a performance – an extract from their coursework – which was watched by parents, friends and invited guests.

The children also received awards from the principal, Andy Clark for their hard work during the term.

He said: “It was great to see the students from the perf-orming arts department put together their performance.

“It demonstrates how hard they have worked throughout the term.

“Participation in performing arts can help support young people with autistic spectrum disorders and provide a wide range of opportunities in which they can build self-esteem and learn new skills.

“It also provided the students an opportunity to work together as team in order to create the performance.”