New workshops aim to engage young in Brandon

A new series of workshops designed to engage young people could begin as early as next month if suitable premises can be found.

Inspire Brandon is a newly-established social enterprise run by a committee of eight people who hope to bridge a skills gap in the town and eventually even form part of the national curriculum.

Currently the town has a youth club which is due to close and the group hope to fill the gap, and more, by teaching young people up to the age of 19 a variety of new skills which could help them gain employment.

Inspire Brandon press officer Eddie Stewart, also a Forest Heath District Councillor for Brandon east, said the idea would be to young people by making the workshops “fun” and “engaging” and also adults by encouraging anyone with a relevant skill to teach.

“We’ll find people with all sorts of skills like an electrician and somebody who does music, and there will be a gym and eventually we hope to get grants,” he said. “We’ve also had a mini-bus donated. We’ve already got a list of people who want to help and to begin with they’ll be volunteers but hopefully we’ll eventually be able to pay them.”

Currently the group is waiting to hear whether it will be granted use of units at the Harvey Adams Centre in Brandon which Forest Heath District Council will make a decision on next week. 12

Until then Mr Stewart said he could not begin to draw up a timetable of workshops but said the group was hoping to work with people with a variety of skills and already had interest from a youth worker and an artist. It is hoped the workshops could begin as early as October.

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He added: “The idea is community engagement. There’s been nothing like this done before in the town and we’re hoping people will also come from Thetford and the other villages. We want to bring some skills to the town and try to inspire people.”