'Loved it!' How viewers reacted to Netflix's The Dig


Ralph Fiennes starred as Basil Brown in The Dig - Credit: LARRY HORRICKS/NETFLIX © 2021 

Netflix film The Dig has brought the greatest Suffolk story ever told to the screens of millions of people - but what are people making of the movie starring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan?

The film, also starring Lily James, was released on the streaming service on Friday.

Carey Mulligan as Edith Pretty and Ralph Fiennes as Basil Brown in The Dig Picture: LARRY HORRICKS/NETFLIX

The Dig was launched on Netflix on Friday - Credit: Larry Horricks/Netflix

It tells the story of one of the most significant archaeological digs of the last century, where self-taught archaeologist Basil Brown was commissioned to excavate Edith Pretty's Sutton Hoo estate near Woodbridge after she became curious about several mounds on her land.

After several hours of excavation, Mr Brown's team was shocked to discover the outline of a 27-metre long 7th century Anglo-Saxon ship.

Many historians believe the ship was used as the grave of Rædwald, King of East Anglia, who is thought to have died in 624.

The first trailer for The Dig, filmed in Suffolk, has been released. The film is released in January

The Dig has attracted overwhelmingly positive reviews - Credit: Larry Horricks/Netflix

Alfred Bowden, the East Anglian Daily Times journalist who broke the story in 1939, described it as being "as important in this country as was the finding of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt".

Reviews for the film have been overwhelmingly positive - with the performances of the cast universally praised.

But with many people settling down to watch The Dig on Netflix on Friday night and this weekend, what do people think so far?

Many people gave positive verdicts on our Facebook page, with Mairi Howlett saying it was "well worth watching" and Sharon Hawes saying: "I really enjoyed it, makes you appreciate what happened there all those years ago."

Katrina Sewell said: "Watched and loved it.. Has made me appreciate what Sutton Hoo is all about again as I was underwhelmed the last time I visited."

Adam Thorpe added: "Brilliant film. We shouldn't take our local history for granted! We have so many amazing places on our doorstep."

Mr Fiennes and other cast members put great effort into mastering the Suffolk accent, with dialect expert Charlie Haylock giving advice during filming.

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Rebecca Bland said: "The Suffolk accents are done brilliantly," while Julie Hood said: "Thought it was lovely, well acted. Really got the feeling of Suffolk. Brilliant!"

Jane Hosking said: "Loved it... I thought Ralph Fiennes pretty much nailed the gentle Suffolk accent."

Many people have also reacted on Twitter, with Dan Adams saying: "Just finished watching this tonight. Great film, acting and true story. Really want to head back to @NT_SuttonHoo now."

The National Trust at Sutton Hoo itself also welcomed the film, saying on Twitter: "Wonderful to see so many people coming together to have a (virtual) evening chatting about archaeology in these strange times."

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