MP calls for Remembrance Sunday trading laws

A PROMINENT Norfolk MP has called for some shops to close on Remembrance Sunday.

A PROMINENT Norfolk MP has called for some shops to close on Remembrance Sunday.

Christopher Fraser, MP for south west Norfolk, is one of 12 sponsoring a bill which would see larger shops having to adhere to rules currently enforced on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

Mr Fraser, who was in the House of Commons on Friday to debate the bill, said normal Sunday trading could serve as a distraction against remembrance parades, and those who had to work felt unable to pay their respects.

“Remembrance Sunday is a hugely important date in our calendar and holds very special meaning for many people,” he said.

“It is right that the importance of this day is recognised by putting it on equal footing with other key dates such as Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

“Above all, I believe it is right that we honour those who gave their lives many years ago in two great wars, and those who have fought for us since - most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan - and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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“The small gesture of ensuring large shops are closed on Remembrance Sunday would help us to observe Remembrance Sunday with the dignity and decorum it deserves.”

Currently Sunday trading laws prohibit shops more than 3,000 square feet from opening on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, although smaller shops are free to open when they choose on these days.

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