'He's done it again!': Bowler's delight after going viral for a second time

Jonah Handy cleaned up another batter with an unbelievable ball at the weekend  

Jonah Handy cleaned up another batter with an unbelievable ball at the weekend - Credit: Mildenhall Cricket Club

A Suffolk cricket club is taking social media by storm once again after another video of an unbelievable delivery went viral. 

Jonah Handy, of Mildenhall Cricket Club, bowled another unbelievable delivery on Saturday as his team bowled out Clacton-on-Sea for 96 in division one of the Two Counties Championship. 

Mr Handy, who said he now gets recognised by opposition clubs after his delivery in Mildenhall's game against Hadleigh last month went viral, removed Clacton's opening batsman Fowler for a duck after he decided to leave another in-swinging ball.  

In a tweet Mildenhall Cricket Club said: "He's done it again!

"The batsman must have been the only person not to have watched the viral video. 

"You don't leave against Jonah Handy."

Mr Handy said: "Doing the same sort of thing again was a great feeling.

"Since the first video every ground I have been too I have been recognised which is a great feeling and I feel like I am gaining a lot more respect from the other teams which is really good. 

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"It is a great feeling to be recognised and known and having other teams being wary works in my favour."

Mr Handy said he is still in shock after the reaction to the delivery against Hadleigh was seen more than a million times. 

"I still can't really believe it right now," Mr Handy said.

"At the moment it happened I had no idea it would blow up as much as it did.

"Our games are live streamed and when went off at drinks my teammates rushed up to the changing rooms and replayed the live stream and said 'this is unbelievable'.

"The next day the club sent it to Cricket District and from that point onwards the Barmy Army picked it up and it just kept going and going. 

"It is an unbelievable feeling to be recognised around the world."

Mildenhall Cricket Club chairman Lou Handy who was watching the game said: "Those at the ground saw the dismissal and since it was recorded we played it back and the similarity was remarkable.

"It was great for Jonah since it proved it was not a fluke delivery. 

"Obviously this one did not go quite as far but that is a deliberate delivery for him."