Thetford’s mayor elect plans to build a legacy during his mayoral year

Roy Brame will be sworn in as the new Mayor of Thetford on Friday. Picture: Norfolk Conservatives

Roy Brame will be sworn in as the new Mayor of Thetford on Friday. Picture: Norfolk Conservatives - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

The new Mayor of Thetford said his year in post will be spent championing the town and creating a legacy for the future.

Roy Brame said his theme for the year is to “honour the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future”.

The 63-year-old will help different charities throughout the year but will look to introduce and kick-start three new projects to help showcase the town.

He wants to reopen the former swimming pool at the River Ouse and help celebrate the Carnegie Room’s 50th anniversary with a mural and the planting of a green roof.

He will also issue a challenge to the youth of Thetford.

“I want to leave a legacy for the town,” said Mr Brame, who has owned Cobra Domestic Appliances for 40 years. “I want the town council to be leaving a legacy for the town.

“I want to challenge the youth to help the community in Thetford. We have lots of youth groups in the town and we have less fortunate people and I would to see them getting together.

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“I envisage toy collections and food bank deliveries during Christmas. At the end of the year I would give them a reception. It will help to make Thetford a place where we want to be.”

His wife Karen will reinstate the mayoress’ afternoon tea and the Guildhall with a focus on promoting the event for those who feel lonely. She will also have a focus on mental health charities.

Mr Brame, who has been a town councillor since 2007, said he wants to be part of helping to make Thetford a destination where people would want to come and live.

“I am really looking forward to promoting the town and telling everybody why I love living here,” he said.

“For the future, I would love to see Thetford expand like it did during the 1960s. I would love to finish my year saying I helped to get one business to build a factory here and employ hundreds of people.”

Mr Brame has taken over the role from Denis Crawford.