Loyal solicitor celebrates 40 years with the same law firm

A solicitor is celebrating 40 years with a regional law firm which has an office in Diss.

Nigel Lubbock joined Steeles Law, then known as Steele & Co, in 1977 as an assistant solicitor, having entered the legal profession in 1973.

He began at the firm’s former office in Harleston and moved to Diss and Thetford before moving to the Norwich, where he remains as senior director.

Mr Lubbock, whose wife Judith was the former Lord Mayor of Norwich, describes his first memories of Steeles as being a small, country practice in “old fashioned” offices.

He added that his employees are savvier, with a broader range of IT skills, than the trainee solicitors of yesteryear.

He said they “provide a brilliant intellectual challenge, which in turn is very stimulating for the business and me personally”.

Mr Lubbock has been described as a well known and inimitable character.