Lost wedding photo reunited with family

A wedding photograph dating from 1925 and discovered in a Thetford hotel has been reunited with its owner.

The portrait, in a cardboard cover, showed a bride in a simple white dress and veil and carrying a bouquet of flowers, the groom, and two other gentlemen, all wearing tail suits and carrying top hats, with three bridesmaids, all also carrying bouquets, and all in a garden setting.

On the back was handwriting which dates the picture to July 11, 1925, and named the bride and groom as Marjorie Augusta Kettle and Albert Edward Tyler, the father-of-the-bride as George Kettle and one of the bridesmaids as Phyllis May Kettle.

A workman at the Wereham House Hotel in Thetford was carrying out routine inspections of the premises’ plug sockets when the picture was discovered between the furniture and wall in the bar area.

Following an appeal in the Times, a woman from Hampshire identified the bride and groom as her parents and, although she had not noticed the photo was missing, contacted the hotel.

She had visited the hotel to meet up with relatives from America.