“It was massive compared to the TV series” - Neville returns to the screen 37 years after first Dad’s Army role

Dad's Army impersonators Neville Lockwood (Frazer) and Mick Whitman (Cpt Mainwaring) who have had ro

Dad's Army impersonators Neville Lockwood (Frazer) and Mick Whitman (Cpt Mainwaring) who have had roles in the new movie.Picture by: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

It's been billed as a faithful multi-million pound remake of one our most cherished TV treasures, complete with an all-new stellar cast.

Neville Lockwood, from Thetford, on the set of the Dad's Army film in Bridlington.

Neville Lockwood, from Thetford, on the set of the Dad's Army film in Bridlington. - Credit: Archant

But while it was revealed this week that original cast member, Ian Lavender, will be making a cameo in the new film version of Dad's Army, eagle-eyed aficionados might just spot another face that is reprising a supporting role.

Neville Lockwood, from Thetford, made his TV bow in 1977 as an extra in the episode Knights of Madness, taking up his spot in the crowd during a scene depicting St George's Day celebrations.

And after a 37 year break from the showbiz spotlight, the 76-year-old was back on the front line on the new film's set in Bridlington last week, as he donned his Home Guard uniform for another appearance as an extra.

His role was set up through the Dad's Army Museum, where Mr Lockwood used to volunteer, playing the part of Private Frazer in public events.

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He said it had been a 'great day' and a much larger operation than his first experience, saying the set was 'amazing'.

'It was massive compared to what I saw in the TV series. We're talking about 350 extras plus lots of people in a parade, and all the crew.

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'I have always been a fan of Dad's Army and I knew some of the old stars from way back, and David Croft, the writer. I think the new film will be quite good and the new cast seem to be playing the part well,' he said.

Mr Lockwood's first appearance saw him joined by his daughter, Christine, who was 10 at the time.

This time Mr Lockwood was joined by Mick Whitman, who plays Captain Mainwaring in events for the Dad's Army Museum.

Mr Whitman said the filming was an enjoyable experience - even though he was demoted for the day.

'We were told they wanted us to come along and that we should wear uniform,' he said.

'We were delighted, obviously, but I soon realised there was a problem because I couldn't go in my Captain Mainwaring uniform. As it was, I had to be knocked down to private for the day.'

After a long day of filming which saw the pair take part in crowd scenes, they made another special appearance at a motorway service station, still decked in their full costume.

Mr Whitman said: 'We stopped for a coffee and the young girl at the service station was so impressed with our uniforms she gave us an armed forces discount.

'Then people started coming up to have their pictures taken with us - it was great.'

Both agreed that the new film - which stars Toby Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bill Nighy and Sarah Lancashire - is shaping up well.

The filming has seen Bridlington transformed into a 1940s high street, with shops decked out in period decor.

The change has provoked a strong reaction from locals, with a campaign being set up to retain the set once the cameras have stopped rolling.

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