A planning application has been submitted to demolish 70 lock-up garages to make way for the construction of eight homes and 72 parking spaces in Mildenhall.

Flagship Housing Group has resubmitted proposals to redevelop four plots of land in Emmanuel Close into eight affordable houses.

In 2017, the group asked for permission to demolish the existing garages across Pembroke Close, Newnham Close, Downing Close, Peterhouse Close and Emmanuel Close to create 42 affordable homes for rent.

However, these were refused due to a shortfall in parking provision and concerns relating to impact upon residential amenity, so revised proposals were approved in December 2020.

Emmanuel Close comprises 70 garages, 18 of which are currently leased, to make way for eight houses and 72 parking spaces.

In the planning statement, Flagship said that demand for the garages in Mildenhall had fallen in the past few years, leading to numerous vacant garages in poor condition.

The housing group is searching for alternative sites to relocate the garages and says the proposed redevelopment "provides an opportunity to enhance the appearance of the area and to build more affordable homes for local people".