Plans have been lodged with Breckland Council to build four new homes on land behind a pub in Thetford.

Portsmouth-based Cordage 39 Ltd have applied for permission to build the homes at the end of Lambert’s, a cul-de-sac which leads round towards the rear of the Albion pub on Castle Street.

Each home would have two bedrooms, two parking spaces and a garden - with the designs matching those of the existing homes on Lambert’s.

In a statement, Cordage’s agent said the plan would make an effective use of under-utilised land, and that the development would not have any impact on the pub.

A planning application on the site in 2008 was turned down because it failed to preserve the area’s character, and would damage protected trees.

Thetford Town Council has criticised the new proposal as “inappropriate”, warning that it will represent “overdevelopment” and cause an increase in traffic.

Breckland Council is due to issue a decision on the scheme by April 27.