Final Thetford Academy site chosen

Thetford Academy’s north campus will be developed with a new building following a decision to move the school from two sites to one by September 2013.

The announcement follows months of speculation over the final site.

With confirmation of the north campus on Croxton Road, Thetford Academy principal Christine Carey has told students, staff and parents that all pupils will remain in their current school sites until the academy reopens on its new site in 2013.

There had been plans for all students in years seven and eight to be taught on the north campus and years nine and 10 to work together at the South Campus on Staniforth Road.

Classes which will be year 11 in September would remain in their current academy campuses to avoid disruption during their exam year.

Ms Carey said: “If we had been moving to a greenfield site in 2013, as originally planned, we would have combined year groups from September as announced in February.

“Now, with this final decision on the north campus as the site for development it means the only combined year will be the new year sevens.

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“As they are all moving from different schools it makes sense to combine them in one group on the north campus so they will not have to make a second move in September 2013.”

Currently the school occupies the former Charles Burrell and Rosemary Musker buildings. Original plans had been to expand into a new town centre forum planned for Bridge Street as well as remain on the current two sites but government funding fell short.

Students, staff and parents will be able to take part in focus groups as part of the feasibility stage of the overall project.