Anger as developers fell trees to make way for new junction at Thetford

Trees on Norwich Road, A1075. PHOTO: Google Maps

Trees on Norwich Road, A1075. PHOTO: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Residents have condemned a decision to cut down a row of trees to make way for a junction.

Breckland Council gave Hopkins Homes permission to fell the trees near the Tesco Superstore in Norwich Road, in Kilverstone, to start building an access road to a new estate.

A spokesperson from Hopkins Homes said: “This is the first phase in an exciting new era for Thetford that has been discussed and planned for many years. The first phase includes 343 new homes, including 51 affordable homes which will be made available to local housing associations.

“The first phase will also establish a new signalised junction that will provide access to more than 1,000 new homes, one of the new schools and a community centre as the wider development is completed.

“To meet Norfolk County Council’s Highways requirements an area of trees and vegetation will be removed to construct the new junction.

“However, we are pleased to confirm that these trees will be replaced alongside hundreds of new trees and landscaped areas that will be created throughout the first phase of development.”

But residents have criticised the decision’s impact on the environment.

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Maria Bunn, from Thetford, said: “With the environment the way it is and how we are all being told to look after it, there was literally no reason for those trees to all be taken down, it’s a real shame.”

Others were more concerned about the new development. Paul Anthony Hore, a Thetford farmer, said: “With all these new houses will there be more schools and doctors offices in town? The ones we have now struggle to cope.

“As for the trees, no reason to cut them down.”

But some people thought the move will improve the town.

Pete Anderson, from Great Cressingham, said: “I am against progress for progress sake but unfortunately this is the way the world is.

“Look at the green open spaces that will be created for the children of our town. Look at the opportunities this will bring to Thetford. Everyone has seen that the town is starting to stagnate.

“As far as I’m concerned a few felled trees and a few upset residents are more than worth the positive benefits this expansion will bring to the town.”