Family firm welcomes MP

Elizabeth Truss MP at STV Pest Control in Little Cressingham with Edwin Allingham, managing director

Elizabeth Truss MP at STV Pest Control in Little Cressingham with Edwin Allingham, managing director, and staff. - Credit: Archant

Environment secretary Elizabeth Truss was learning about some of the nastier creatures in her remit with a visit to a pest control company last Friday.

The South West Norfolk MP travelled to STV International, based in Little Cressingham, to see the business’ extension to its warehouse space.

The family firm is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of pest control products, from slug pellets and bed bug treatments to rat traps, and employs around 60 staff.

It supplies UK retailers including Wilkinson’s and B&Q and across the globe to Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, where it has an international office.

Ms Truss said: “There are so many businesses in rural Norfolk doing things that are cutting edge. STV stocks good products that a lot of people use, and to see their shipping list is really impressive.

“I think it is exciting that there are plans to invest more capital in the business and there are all these export opportunities, as well as the domestic market.

“Clearly a lot of it is about the ideas and development, which means STV can stay ahead of the game.”

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Managing director Edwin Allingham, who founded STV in the 1990s, said the company grew by 16pc in 2015.

“We have a niche idea but are growing quite quickly. I think we could double the size of the company in the next five years,” he said.

“A big product drive for us is what the professionals are doing. Our job is to take a difficult task – dealing with pests – and make it as easy and safe as we can.”

I would say we’re holding our own. We’re keeping independent against a backdrop of product suppliers being bought up.”

During her tour Ms Truss was shown around STV’s warehouse, assembly line, product development and marketing departments, and showroom.

Mr Allingham said between 40 and 50pc of STV’s products come from UK manufacturers, with 40 new items introduced to its range last year.

The company shifts almost 10 million units a year, with rodents the biggest market, but Mr Allingham said sales of remedies for clothes moths and bed bugs are on the rise.