Euston event gives hospice a cash boost

A cheque worth �15,000 was handed to charity following the success of a rural village event.

The 12th Duke of Grafton joined the organisers of Euston Rural Pastimes to hand the money over to St Nicholas’ Hospice Care.

This was the first year Duke Harry, 33, who became the 12th Duke of Grafton in April following his grandfather’s death, had been involved with the event – and said it would not be the last.

“Euston Rural Pastimes is always a great event and this year was no different. It is a community project – everybody gets involved and my father and grandfather enjoyed it,” he said.

“I hope the event will continue for many years, because it is something which unites the community and brings families together.”

Members of the event committee presented Sue Long, Hospice community fundraiser, with �14,982 raised at June’s event and also revealed the grand total raised by Euston Rural Pastimes since its launch 20 years ago was �372,000.

Ms Long, said: “I am so grateful to the Euston Rural Pastimes team for all they have done – and continue to do – for the hospice. To raise nearly �15,000 for us is this year is fantastic, but to think it has raised �372,000 in the past 20 years is just incredible. Thank you so much to everybody who organises and supports this wonderful event.”

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Dr Giles Smith, committee chairman, announced that the next Euston Rural Pastimes – the 21st – would be held on June 10, 2012.

“We hope to have all the traditional attractions and also the incredible Imps motorcycle display team,” he said. “We still all really enjoy putting on the day even though we’ve been doing it so long – we can’t stop now.”

Dr Smith, along with Canon Sally Fogden and Tim Fogden have been key members of the event’s organising committee since it started in 1991.

The presentation was made on December 6 in honour of the hospice’s namesake’s saints day, as St Nicholas famously gave gifts to the poor and needy.