How scholarships help students succeed at school and beyond

Students at Thetford Grammar School studying

Thetford Grammar School scholarships help students hone their talents and achieve their personal and academic goals - Credit: Thetford Grammar School

Having support, encouragement and tuition is crucial for young people who want to succeed. One of the ways students can pursue their passions and excel in their chosen field of study and beyond is through a scholarship.

“A scholarship is valuable for us as parents who haven't had the possibilities to pay for the tuition fees of an independent school,” says Asunta Spratt, whose son was awarded a scholarship to study at Thetford Grammar School. “It has provided Stuart with an opportunity to better prepare for his future career and he is confident that he will show his appreciation to the school with his excellent A-level exam results.”

Michael Brewer, head of Thetford Grammar School, explains how scholarship programmes help students hone their skills and prepare them for a fulfilling life after school.

Q: How can scholarships benefit students?

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Thetford Grammar School offers a range of scholarships to recognise different talents, from music, art and sport to academic subjects such as science, English and maths. - Credit: Thetford Grammar School

A: The primary purpose of a scholarship is to enable young people with particular talents to achieve their academic and personal goals to the highest standard. As well as celebrating exceptional pupils, our scholarship programmes are accompanied by a substantial fee award, making an independent school education more accessible.  

We see our scholarship programmes as a valuable opportunity for students to benefit from the school’s extensive experience, expert tuition and small class sizes. At Thetford Grammar, we have a long history of helping bright, hard-working young people gain the grades they need to get into the country’s top universities and develop the qualities required to thrive in their careers.

Q: What scholarships do you offer?

A: We offer a broad range of scholarships because we recognise that pupils have all sorts of different talents, whether it’s music, art, sport or academic subjects such as the sciences, English and maths. Scholarships are available at different levels for Year 7 up to Year 12.

A student studying science at Thetford Grammar School

Thetford Grammar School's Pathway scholarship is designed to guide sixth formers towards A-levels and extra-curricular activities that will help them gain entry to highly competitive universities and careers - Credit: Thetford Grammar School

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Our sixth form Pathways scholarship, which is available for both students at our senior school and those studying at other schools, is designed to guide them towards A-levels and extra-curricular activities that will help them gain entry to highly competitive universities and professions.

Q: How are scholarships awarded?

A: We award academic scholarships based on an entrance assessment and interview with senior staff members. Scholarships into the sixth form are based on a combination of the results of an exam paper and the likelihood of excellent GCSE results.

Entrance exams are made as accessible as possible and are designed to give young people the opportunity to show off what they can do. We’re not looking to catch people out – our aim is to find bright students and give them the chance to shine.

Q: What can an independent school education offer? 

A: Our students are given the opportunity to excel through a supportive learning environment, varied curriculum, excellent pastoral care and a range of extra-curricular activities. This results in effective learners who take responsibility for the academic direction they decide to take as they move through GCSEs, A-levels and higher education.

We’re very connected as a school and pride ourselves on the close relationships between teachers, pupils and parents. Like most independent schools, we benefit from small class sizes which means that each pupil receives individual attention. All this gives us a strong foundation to achieve outstanding academic outcomes.  

Q: What other opportunities do you offer? 

A: Over the year’s we’ve built strong relationships with the local community, universities and voluntary groups to give our students the chance to develop a wealth of skills and knowledge. We often welcome guest speakers, including former pupils who have gone on to forge exciting careers, who inspire our students to follow their passions and reach their full potential. 

Q: What is your hope for students when they leave school? 

A: Ultimately, we want our students to be fulfilled. Personally, I would say that fulfilment comes when you are able to put your hand on your heart and say: ‘I am achieving the things that I set out to achieve’. We want to inspire and equip our pupils with an outlook and skillset to achieve every success in life.

Thetford Grammar School is currently accepting applications for scholarships for 2021 and 2022. Visit for more information about the school and the scholarships available. Contact them on 01842 752840 or

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