Repeat offender given £600 fine for fly-tipping next to public bin

Picture shows cardboard boxes and wrapping next to a public bin

Repeat offender given £600 fine for fly-tipping next to public bin - Credit: BREAKLAND COUNCIL

A Thetford resident who admitted to regularly fly-tipping waste next to a public bin in the town has been fined £600.

Reports from locals that domestic waste was frequently being left by a community litter bin in St Martins Way prompted an investigation by Breckland Council to identify the culprit.

Gordon Bambridge, executive member for waste and environment at Breckland Council, said: "Leaving waste next to the bin is just as reckless as any other fly-tipping incident, as it impacts the local community and environment.

Gordon Bambridge, Breckland Councils executive member for environmental services and public protecti

Councillor Gordon Bambridge, executive member for Waste and Environment at Breckland Council - Credit: Archant

"I would therefore like to thank residents for supporting our enforcement team in this investigation, which has had a significant impact on reducing fly-tipping in their local area.

"From educating people about how to legally dispose of waste to enforcing fly-tipping fines, we hope we are sending a clear message that everyone has options in legally disposing of waste, and that fly-tipping is simply not acceptable in our community, our market towns, or rural hinterlands."

The investigation included house-to-house visits in the area, evidence-gathering from the district council's Serco waste crews, and crucial information provided by the area's residents.

The council's enforcement team was able to identify the culprit quickly and they admitted ignoring anti-flytipping warning posters previously put up by the council.