Man refuses to board bus to face prison charge

Wayland Prison

Jason Grandson, 50, has been charged with unauthorised possession of offensive weapons at Wayland Prison. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

An inmate accused of possessing unauthorised weapons in prison refused to get on the bus to be brought to court.

Jason Grandson, 50, from HM Prison Wayland, has been accused of unauthorised possession of an offensive weapon, a jagged rock, at the Griston-based jail on May 12 last year.

He has also been charged with the unauthorised possession of three other offensive weapons - a sharpened paint roller, a sharpened vape pen and a pool ball tied in a sock - at the jail on the same date.

Grandson was due to appear at Norwich Magistrates Court on Tuesday (January 11) having been charged with the offences.

But the defendant did not attend court.

The court heard a bus had been on its way to pick up the defendant who "refused" to get on.

The case was adjourned until February 2.

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